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Raise Capital For Your Business

Faster Capital and Hai Navi Group Join Forces to Help Startups in Japan Raise Capital. 

FasterCapital is an online incubator from Dubai in affiliation with Hai Navi Group assisting business owners seeking viable alternative options to accelerate and incubate startups in Japan. 


In the Tech Cofounder program, we help the startup build an MVP or build a prototype, whether it’s a mobile app (Android app, iPhone app) or a web app. We provide 50% of the money needed and provide a very cost-effective development process. We provide excellent product conceptualization and product design services.


In the Raise Capital program, we improve the startup’s pitch deck, business plan and financial operating model and forecasts. We also help startups reach out to angel investors and VCs through warm introductions. We help the team in the funding planning phase, i.e. how much money to raise and the valuation of the startup. We finally help them in negotiating and closing deals with angels and/or Venture capitalists. We help startups and businesses raise capital from angel investors, get funded by Venture capitals in Japan, and other accelerators/incubators (with whom we have affiliations), get a small business loan for startups in Japan, get small business grants for startups in Japan, and getting funded through crowdfunding for startups in Japan, government funds, and other funding sources.


Below are some of the services that we provide for startups in Japan. You can also check our network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, regional partners and representatives around the world and a list of companies we have helped in our four programs: 


Our Programs


Raise Capital
Whether you are a startup or a business raising funds, we match you with angel investors, Venture Capitals, government funds, banks, and other funding sources. We can also translate, prepare/review your pitch deck, business plan and financial model.


Tech Cofounder
You are looking for a tech cofounder, a technical team, or a CTO to build the product. We provide technical support and cover 50% of the costs. We build and/or improve your MVP. We help in software development, UI and UX, integrating AI, and others.


Grow your Startup
You have built your MVP and you are looking to grow your sales, increase your profitability, reach new and global markets, and improve your marketing. We help you grow into new markets and scale your business while covering 50% of the costs.


Idea to Product
For first-timers, validate the idea, write the Business Plan, Pitch Deck and Financial Model from scratch and find investors. We help you get your business off the ground, find the right market and business model, and study your competitors.

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Raise Capital
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