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Company Profile
Notice: Under no circumstances will our company cooperate with third parties regarding personal data.

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Mission Statement

Hai Navi Group sells high-grade audio products and services to hoteliers and various industries. We are also a media company that pioneers solution projects to business problems and formulate strategic marketing opportunities. When you partner with us, we pledge to over-deliver our services. So you can continue to work smart and achieve great success.

Our Symbol

Red Arrow = Superlative Foresight

Green Arrow = Integrity

White Exterior Lines =  Upward Persistence turning clockwise

White Dot = Our Clientele

Company Name

Hai Navi Group G.K.

Registration number: #629000312165

*Company formation established in Japan 2022 February 17

*Company industry research phase commenced in 2012 June 4 

*The fiscal year begins April

CEO, Founder

Ifan Sano 

Business Content

*Hai Navi Group G.K. is transitioning to K.K. and corporate restructuring to welcome new products and services.

(1) Authorized sales of wireless Bluetooth audio speakers and video/audio products.
(2) Sales of custom digital Internet radio station solutions for businesses.
(3) Order-based sales of digital video streaming services.
(4) Sales of academic service products for children and adults.
(5) Operation of professional sports leagues.
(6) Sports marketing and training coaching.
(7) Sales of children's and adult apparel and footwear.

Company Evolution

2012 - Irie Pacific Sports, LLC - Sports Talk Radio Show on ESPN1420.

2015 -16 - Hong Kong Royals Ltd. - Professional Basketball Club Project in Hong Kong.

2022 - 23 - Hai Navi Group G.K.


Fukuoka, Japan


5-14-12 Watanabedori, 3F Minami Tenjin Bldg,

Fukuoka 810-0004

Business Hours

10:00-17:00 Open 7 days a week

*Accepting appointments only

via email before office visitation.


[English] +81 (050) 5534-4692

[Japanese] +81 (050) 5539-4300

[USA] +1 (786) 633-2093

Capital & Banking

Capital Investment: 5,000,000.00 yen

Banking Affiliations: Nishi Nippon City Bank

Business Area

Japan, selected international destinations,

and off-world.

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