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Hai Navi Group G.K. is licensed with Uppbeat and Music Vine. 

Our Station is non-profit.

We earn revenue from our merch purchases, in-app purchases, and other related projects.

To keep our stations up and running smoothly.


What Genres Are We Accepting?

Boom Bap Instrumentals, Deep House, Clean Hip Hop, Electronica, DNB, Lo-fi, Fusion Jazz, Neo Soul, and DJ sets preferably at least 60 minutes in full length. If you're not sure if it's a fit. Send it over and we will have a listen and let you know. Do not send DJ sets to Music Vine and Uppbeat. Please email us below.

Do DJs spin live sets on air?

Yes, we are currently formulating a system to allow DJs to plug in and let it play. At the moment this is not available, but you can learn more about it below. Stay in touch on our social media platforms and we will make an announcement very shortly. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to download our app and stay LINKED. We drop most of our info there.

Where is FEEL THE BEAT played? 

Our stations are marketed to over 2 million residents within Japan and selected regions around the world. Also digitally available online for anyone to listen anywhere. Your hits are added to an automated segment playlist 24 hours a day and 52 weeks a year. A perfect place to market your hits so they follow you.

How Do I Get My Single Hits On Your Stations?


1. First, contact us and let us know the name of the song and the artist's name. So we can get a heads-up on who you are.  

2. Secondly, Click here to submit to Music Vine & Uppbeat to begin your process to join their database. Once accepted you will be marketed not only to us here at our stations. But millions of other creators will use your content and YOU get paid for it. 

3. We play your hits, easily as saying ONE TWO THREE and ICHI NI SAN. 

We look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

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