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Hai Navi Group closing in on corporate building freehold purchase in Fukuoka | New Headquarters

Updated: 3 days ago

Fukuoka, Japan - Hai Navi Group CEO, Ifan Sano, stated "The recent culmination of issues led to this aggressive project being conducted in Japan". He declined to comment on where the new facility will be located in Fukuoka. But ensured that a lot of ground is being made behind the scenes.

The new startup HQ will reveal quality new products and services for domestic and international exposure for the city of Fukuoka through sports, entertainment and business. Their project's primary focus is too aggregate opportunities and attract businesses globally to Kyushu's largest city.

Recently, The Youth Elite Basketball Association also launched their grassroot programme with the AAU Fukuoka Fighting Bees, a new youth basketball club. The organisation is also working with several other AAU teams in Japan and overseas to pipeline youth to the professional leagues. Which is set to debut sometime in the late Spring of 2023.

For Investors: Contact to request Business Plan.

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