Hai Navi Group commences long awaited construction project

Updated: Sep 12

Fukuoka, Japan - Hai Navi Group CEO, Ifan Sano, stated "The recent culmination of issues led to this aggressive project being conducted in Japan". He declined to comment on where the new facility will be built and who's involved. But ensured that as long as the foundation is properly constructed. It will be one of most unique structures ever built to solve some of the issues in the region. Dampf audio will be pre-installed in all residential luxury mansions in hopes to set a trend and develop new partnerships with local real estate developers. In order to boost sales revenue throughout the region.

They released their final pre-construction renderings of the project that includes a new international school, sport leisure facilities, residential suites, state of the art commercial shops and adequate parking. Also showcasing a new 4,000 seat arena that will be home to their youth to professional pipeline programme.

The Royals identity was previously known as the Hong Kong Royals. Which was apart of the Asean Basketball League expansion bid in 2016. After their bid was declined due to political red tape. They reformed under Hai Navi Group and focused their re-entry efforts for improving youth basketball development under the Royals Residences & Resort project.

Sano, has stated "We never lost focus on our ultimate goals. We just reinforced them with better opportunities executed. There are so many opportunities being executed right now that we sadly cannot elaborate on. Soon we will be able to share with everyone. We look forward to the final product finally completed in the near future."

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