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A brand new multimedia production coming soon by Hai Navi Group. 


Watch it on our LED trucks, anywhere, anytime, on any device!
When you watch AEN One Energy for free, you'll be introduced to food music videos from restaurants and bars in Fukuoka, Including sports, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle brand content from industry leaders.

AEN One Energy is for anyone who is interested in the lifestyle brand.

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Featuring TV-Film productions in partnership with 



More About Sky Fighter

In the 26th century: humankind fights a war in space against an unstoppable alien adversary. A pilot, John, awakens on the deck of his two-man fighter-bomber spaceship—with no memory of how he got there. His co-pilot, Mo, tells him he was hacked (via his cybernetics) by the aliens, and she tried to save him...yet evidence on the ship points to HER being the one possessed by the enemy. Should he trust her...or the little memory he regains?


Director's Statement

"This is a take on space warfare I've always loved (Star Wars, Robotech, Battlestar Galactica) with a Twilight Zone/Black Mirror/Memento twist. (Robotech fans: you'll recognize the voice on the radio.) Hopefully, there's something to make you feel, make you think—and give you some candy for your eyes and ears. It's bread-and-butter suspense storytelling, grounding the fantastic in relatable human behavior. There is a moral to the story...but I can't give it away without ruining the ending." —Lukas Kendall

Future Films

AEN Energy ONE + and Lukas Kendall's partnership is planning to unveil a whole new series of unrelated films in the sci-fi action and horror genres in the near future. 

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